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Arria’s NLG Technology Featured In DevPro Journal as Key to Giving Machines the Power of Language

By Greg Williams | October 18, 2019

DevPro Journal published an article this week entitled “NLG: Bridge the Communication Gap Between People and IT,” based on an interview they recently conducted with Arria COO Jay DeWalt.

The article establishes that Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a separate layer of the natural language technologies stack, completely distinct from Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

This messaging amplifies an important theme in the Forbes article that Arria CEO Sharon Daniels authored last week, specifically: only NLG enables machines to respond to queries in natural human language.

As Jay explains in the interview, “NLP and NLU process textual data. Virtual assistants hear a question and then respond with an answer from a template or data from a website. It’s all about the questions. NLG is 180-degrees the opposite. NLG generates language from data and is all about the Answers.”

Having established that machines require NLG in order to respond in kind to natural language queries, the article then describes three important initial use cases for Arria: Financial Planning & Analysis reports across industries, Clinical Study Reports in the pharmaceutical industry, and persona-specific product messaging within the retail sector.

Jay wraps up the interview by making the point that successful initial implementations of Arria’s NLG technology within a firm typically lead to many other use cases: “When you reach that point, buckle up.”