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Analytics Insight: Arria Helps An MNC Automate Business Intelligence Process For Quick Decision-Making””

By Greg Williams | October 14, 2019

We were pleasantly surprised at Arria to see this spontaneous case study developed and published by Analytics Insight. In “Arria helps a multinational corporation automate business intelligence process for quick decision-making,” the authors make many of the points that we would have made if we had written the article ourselves. From the Challenge, to the Solution, to the Benefits sections, the whole piece is worth a close read–especially for anyone who is considering bringing Natural Language Generation into an organization. My favorite line gets to the heart of what Arria offers: “The [Arria] platform enabled the company to bring both historical and predictive analyses to the fore [in order] to move from firefighting to considered planning.” As we are fond of saying, true actionable insights are best expressed in the manner that has been the default mode of communication for millennia: natural human language. It’s nice to be recognized as best in breed by independent third parties, such as Analytics Insight and Gartner. Looking ahead, we expect independent press coverage and recognition to keep pace with the accelerating adoption of Arria across a range of business processes and industries. So, more to come.