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NLG + BI: a powerful combination in data understanding

By Jennifer Mastrangelo | May 8, 2020

In this ever-evolving world, comprehending the data at our disposal is more important than ever. We need to utilize what we know about our data to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are a business leader who needs to make data-driven decisions faster, an analyst or writer who needs to automate reporting, or a governor who is looking for data to help make a decision about lifting pandemic restrictions, technology can help.

In 2020, we now have technologies such as data analytics, interactive dashboards, and Natural Language Generation (NLG) that can discover and tell data stories automatically. Joining these technologies has been proven to create a powerful combination — automatically turning data from dashboards, as well as underlying data, into written narratives that clearly explain insights.

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In Arria’s new white paper Arria’s Chief Scientists Professor Ehud Reiter and Dr. Yaji Sripada, two of the world’s foremost authorities in the field of NLG, take a deep dive into the significance of the seamless integration between TIBCO + Arria for true data understanding.

The piece walks readers through a real BI and NLG story to show the immense impact these technologies deliver together:

1) True data understanding
2) Operational efficiencies
3) Actionable intelligence

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