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Bringing the Power of the Investment Mind to the AI Machine

By Amy McCloskey Tobin | February 17, 2022
Blog Image - 03 Bringing the Power of the Investment Mind to the AI Machine

Investment analysts and report writers have had to rely on a complex value chain of analysis and processes to understand the drivers of a fund’s successes and failures. The work has been time-consuming and vulnerable to human error, causing the need for rework and delaying decision-making. Oftentimes, the process has to run sequentially. Now, with AI and the power of natural language generation (NLG), accurate investment analysis and commentary can be executed instantly. 

Streamlining the complex value chain of investment analysis 

Arria Investment AnalystTM uses NLG to instantly analyze portfolio data, speeding time to accurate insights and data understanding, while eliminating human error, and the need for rework. With Investment Analyst: 

  • Analysts are freed from the labor-intensive work of generating reports and can focus their time on report finalization/customization and other value-add activities 
  • Decision-makers have direct access to dynamic, self-serve intelligence through instantly generated narratives 
  • Organizations can scale at speed and eliminate human errors in the value chain 

How Investment Analyst works 

Investment Analyst uses NLG, a subset of AI, to mine your investment data for insights, anomalies, and implications. It then creates investment commentary with the click of a mouse and using narrative models, the commentary is customized to emulate the voice of your firm. 

NLG Powered investment analysis 

Investment Analyst brings another level of capability to the human investment mind, giving the analyst the ability to slice and dice data when analyzing portfolios. Analysts can use the tool to uncover insights and receive data-driven explanations to support their decision-making and reporting. Investment Analyst allows the human analyst to view narratives through 3 lenses: 

Scalability and speed to information 

NLG-powered Investment Analyst enables your organization to reduce the need for error correction and manual work while enabling machine-level scaling. Analysts are provided with objective and subjective information, which used to take hours to perform, and can now be done in an average of four seconds. Your investment commentary is given superhuman speed and accuracy. 

Configure the way you consume with Investment Analyst 

Arria Investment Analyst works with your data and follows standard formats used by the industry. The web-based application allows you to access investment commentary anywhere, anytime online. You can customize your narrative and export it or process it forward. 

Investment Analyst can also be integrated with all major Business Intelligence platforms and/or be utilized with MS Excel and/or you can add it directly into your existing presentation layer using Reporting as a Service.  

Investment Analyst is turning pain points into gain points 

Before using Investment Analyst, analysts were tasked with time-intensive manual work to uncover, write, and deliver insights to create investment commentary. Now, after deploying Arria Investment Analyst, organizations are saving time, eliminating the risk of human error, and creating data-driven, accurate investment commentary that can be highly personalized. 

Enhanced operational benefits, instantly  

Investment Analyst brings more than time savings and accuracy to investment analysis. It also allows for: 

Flexibility: the creation of experimental iterations on a variety of narrative approaches and content formats 

Operational effectiveness: reduces the need to go back and forth along the value chain for error correction 

True scalability: the ability to run reports over many time periods with interactive filters via your chosen BI tool 

Ease of use: integration with Arria Apps + Intelligent Narratives for Finance 

Instant Awareness: receive alerts regarding portfolio movement with immediate commentary 

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