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NLG is in our name but do you understand what Natural Language Generation (NLG) really is?

By Arria NLG Team | July 16, 2018

Major firms all over the world are investing large amounts of money in new language-enabling technologies. Even though NLP technology has been doing the rounds in the industry for quite some time, related technologies like Natural Language Generation (NLG) have emerged quickly.

The article recently published in Analytics Insight describes the difference between NLP and NLG.

Neil-Burnett-SmAccording to Neil Burnett, Arria’s Chief Technology Officer:

“This article does a good job of emphasizing the role of analysis and interpretation, or ‘getting valuable insights’, in NLG applications. A quality narrative is one which conveys the real meaning, correct emphasis and facts in the data about which the narrative is written. The article also correctly states that the ‘importance of NLG and NLP will grow exponentially’, a sentiment I totally agree with.

“Although the article says that ‘NLG can be used in specific business cases only’, I feel that companies such as Arria, along with current academic research, are pushing boundaries in what can be achieved with NLG faster and further. The more applications we encounter, the more intelligence we are building into our systems and platform. The number of use cases we can cover increases daily. This is a very rapidly moving industry.”

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