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NLG and the Promise of Conversational AI (Part 3 of 3): NLG is at the heart of Conversational AI

By Greg Williams | July 2, 2019

Natural Language Generation (NLG)—the subset of AI that explains structured data in human language—already transforms chart-based BI dashboards into goldmines of interactive insights expressed in plain written language. With its Alexa for Business (A4B) program, Amazon has already moved to establish Alexa as a participant in business workflows and conference room meetings. Simultaneously, Arria has developed technology that links our NLG platform to voice platforms, giving them the same subject matter expertise, industry-specific terminology, and general sensibility already found within our written NLG output. In natural spoken language, these voice platforms will be able to provide insights in support of tasks as diverse as financial planning and analysis (FP&A), clinical safety reporting (CSR), general finance, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, commercial and residential real estate, and more. At VOICE Summit 2019 in July, Arria’s Chief Data Scientist Ehud Reiter, and COO Jay Dewalt will prove how advanced analytics using narratives in natural language can automate and enhance data consumption, as well as amplify the value of business intelligence with conversation. Session attendees will not only learn how businesses plan to implement conversational AI powered by NLG, but also how these integrations extend the reach of voice AI platforms, such as Alexa for Business, to customize and streamline workflows in myriad use-cases.

The low level of effort required to have a conversation with voice platforms will accelerate the democratization of data literacy across whole organizations, leading to broader knowledge, greater collective intelligence, and ultimately better, faster business decisions. It will also improve the workplace environment, by making data analysis and reporting more enjoyable. To some degree, it may also untether employees from their keyboards and screens.

In connecting Arria to voice platforms, we have come full circle to a state where natural language—long the preferred mode of communication among people—will be established as the ultimate communications interface between humans and machines.

This is part three of a three-part series. Be sure to read parts one and two as well.