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Update on Arria’s Patent Portfolio: Four New Core Patents Approved, Bringing Total To 25

By Arria NLG Team | August 20, 2019

We are extremely pleased to announce that we’ve received notification from the US Patent and Trademark Office that four new Arria NLG patents have been approved and will shortly be issued.

As we’ve been reporting on our latest technologies and new clients, one of the critical areas to keep apprised of is the exciting progress we’ve made in the area of patenting our state-of-the-art Natural Language Generation (NLG) technologies and protecting our intellectual property (IP).

The 25 patents we presently have are an outstanding accomplishment that completely sets us apart from our competitors. These patents are considered “core” patents because they are fundamental to NLG. They cover critical NLG processes that Arria applies to our innovative NLG applications that are currently being delivered to our growing list of global clients. See our List of Patents on our website.

Patent #22: Method And Apparatus For Lightweight Multilingual Natural Language Realizer. This patents an architecture and associated set of algorithms that enable Arria to generate grammatically correct narratives in many human languages (not just English), by plugging in files and code that define the syntax of the language.

Patent #23: Method and Apparatus For Natural Language Document Orchestrator. This patents Arria’s approach to defining a narrative, where the developer writes a script (currently in Arria NLG Studio’s ATL language) which specifies the content of the narrative.

Patent #24: Method And Apparatus For Updating A Previously Generated Text – Continuation. This is an extension to a previously granted patent and covers contexts where the NLG system has already produced a status report and then wants to produce an updated report which is as consistent as possible with the original report.

Patent #25: Method and Apparatus for Alert Validation – Continuation. This is another extension to a previously granted patent which covers building NLG applications which are triggered when an alert goes off (e.g., high temperature, pressure, etc.), and then analyzing and summarizing the data to help the operator determine whether there is a genuine problem, or whether this is just noise (in most cases, 90+% of alerts are noise and should be ignored).

Arria’s portfolio of NLG software patents has unrivaled diversity and depth, covering every phase of rules-based data analysis and text generation as well as many of the most important features and benefits of reporting automation. Arria continues to file patent applications on both under-the-hood improvements to its NLG engine and enrichments to the user experience in terms of features, ease of use, and integration with other software.