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FaceMe, the creator of intelligent Digital Humans, joins the Arria Partner Program

By Arria NLG Team | July 9, 2019

Arria NLG is pleased to share the following news regarding our newest partner.

Partner Overview: FaceMe’s intelligent digital human platform makes digital conversations more human. As companies invest in digital and chatbots, very often the connection between man and machine lacks the human touch needed to create meaningful impact. FaceMe enables companies to reimagine the customer experience through a conversational platform designed around leveraging the ‘human touch’ to create amazing customer experiences. FaceMe’s Digital Humans enable companies to realize immediate and meaningful experiences for their customers at scale.

As an AI company, FaceMe uses machine learning and deep tech to solve challenging technical problems. FaceMe’s Digital Humans (Avatars) can see, hear and remember customers—personalizing with memory and empathy to radically improve customer experience. Their “human” senses enable them to listen and respond with empathy. They offer a superior customer experience across website, mobile, branch, VR/AR, TV, phone, e-mail and text; simultaneously unshackling staff to add value where it matters.


Channel: Partner

Industry Vertical: Digital Human Interface

Use Case: FaceMe is incorporating Arria’s NLG technology into their AI-based Digital Human platform to enhance the human interaction experience for their clients. Arria takes the “robot” out of the Digital Human. Humans communicate via natural language not rigid chat frameworks. So the partnership with FaceMe and Arria NLG allows the Digital Human to be more…human. It gives the FaceMe Digital Humans the ability to speak naturally and have conversations with users. Today, traditional chat technology has rigid frameworks that don’t allow for conversations. Digital Humans allow for the experience to be emotional and are the closest thing to an actual human (from a presentation layer) aside from a human itself. With NLG powering the very realistic human image, users can have conversations with Digital Humans who are able to show empathy and sympathy based on the data. This amazing technology is currently being rolled out in the banking, telecommunications, health, and retail industries. Visit the FaceMe website to see examples of a Digital Human.