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Arria Releases NLG Studio for BI 2.0

By Arria NLG Team | February 8, 2019

Next evolution in BI Dashboards: Arria NLG gives decision-makers real-time, actionable data with advanced Natural Language Generation

As decision-makers deal with making sense out of an ever-growing, endless stream of data, top among the strategic initiatives for organizations in 2019 will be enhanced dashboards, automated reporting and augmented analytics.

The key technology breakthrough addressing these initiatives is the addition of Natural Language Generation (NLG) to the current slate of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. NLG is a form of Artificial Intelligence, based on advanced computational linguistics and algorithms, that automatically turns volumes of raw data into written (or spoken) words as if composed by a human subject matter expert.

Arria NLG, the global leader in AI-based NLG technology, is pleased to announce the release of its NLG Studio for BI 2.0—which gives data analysts the ability to create BI dashboards that are simpler and faster to interpret by instantly generating expert narrative from the entire data-set to accompany the visuals on their BI dashboards.

This newest release is an NLG add-on extension for BI platforms that now gives BI users the ability to take their dashboards well beyond visuals alone. NLG Studio for BI connects directly to the user’s existing BI platform and uses its multi-dimensional models to analyze ALL of the data feeding into the dashboard (not just the data in the displayed visuals) to determine the critical facts and instantly generate real-time insights, summaries and narratives in plain, easy-to-understand language. Watch the video >

This results in faster, better-informed decisions as decision-makers can now understand the entire data-set and see insights in natural human language that may otherwise have been missed or misunderstood in the visuals. The natural-language narratives increase consistency in how results and other facts are interpreted and communicated across the organization.

The other key breakthrough with Arria’s NLG Studio for BI is that it includes out-of-the-box solutions that are fully customizable by the user, whether novice or expert. The NLG technology is powered by the proven, rules-based linguistic capabilities and software architecture that Arria itself uses to build enterprise-level NLG systems for its global clients.

Users can quickly generate personalized narratives tailored to their business needs, or create their own completely custom narratives for specific use cases. The resulting dashboards, including the visual and the narrative, can be automatically exported to PowerPoint, Word and RTF, with the resulting narrative editable in the new format.

According to Sharon Daniels, Arria’s Chair and CEO, “NLG-driven multi-dimensional narratives are now the breakthrough that visuals were years ago. The Big Data problem was partially addressed with the evolution of BI dashboards. But, while visuals paint a picture, they’re not the complete picture. A visual is only a partial representation of all the information contained within a dashboard. It doesn’t give you the full story.”

“The data that’s driving those visuals within the dashboard often contains untapped information and insights. Until now, much of it has been hidden from key decision-makers. With the addition of NLG, BI dashboards are transformed. Companies scale at less cost. Expertise is democratized. The ability to access key information in near real-time, communicated as if written by the company’s top analyst, without bias—at an NLG writing-speed that is truly astonishing—that is where technology changes the playing field. It’s what users are demanding—complete information, faster conclusions and better decision-making. Your dashboard has something important to say, NLG Studio now gives it a voice.”

Arria’s NLG Studio for BI 2.0 is available for major BI platforms, including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense and MicroStrategy.