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Arria NLG’s 16th Patent, “Method And Apparatus For Motion Detection,” Is Issued

By Arria NLG Team | February 8, 2019

Earlier this year Arria reported that its 16th Patent had been approved. We are pleased to announce that it has now been issued.

This patent, titled “Method And Apparatus For Motion Detection”, is US Patent 10,115,202, and is a key patent that protects our NLG intellectual property (IP).

According to Dr. Yaji Sripada, Arria’s Chief Development Scientist, “This patent is one of a pair of patents issued to Arria that together describe algorithms to analyze, interpret and linguistically describe ‘movements of objects’ in complex data sets that vary along both space and time. This patent is significant because it describes algorithms that compute insights from complex spatio-temporal data, making Arria’s innovations span the entire pipeline from insight discovery through to storytelling. This pair of patents are applicable in a wide range of contexts such as interpreting and describing satellite images, medical images, animation films and, in general, any sequence of video frames. The algorithms are particularly adapted to creating linguistic narratives that provide richer information to users than a sequence of ‘key words’.”

The 16 patents we presently have are an outstanding accomplishment that sets us apart from our competitors. Many of these patents are considered “core” patents because they are fundamental to rules-based NLG, a technology that does not depend on the more primitive templates that drive competitors’ systems. By patenting key innovations, protecting trade secrets and withholding source code, the company works to protect its technology even as we roll it out to our growing list of global clients. See our List of Patents on our website.

The power of patent portfolios covering both fundamental and incremental steps of technological progress can be substantial. As the well-reported “patent wars” affecting mobile telephony attest, large portfolios of standards-setting patents, such as those developed or acquired by the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft, are regarded as essential foundations for a substantial, sustainable and defensible presence in the mobile communications marketplace.

Forbes magazine has stated: “Research indicates that about 70% to 80% of a company’s market capitalization comes in the form of intangible assets, which include intellectual assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other business knowledge and know-how. Patents are moving from a legal role to a strategic role, and company leaders must be prepared.”