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Arria NLG announces the appointment of Daniel C. Kiley as Chairman of the Board

By Arria NLG Team | March 25, 2019

The Arria board is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel C. Kiley as Chairman of the Board, effective February 28, 2019. Sharon Daniels, who has been serving as both Chair and CEO of the company, will continue in her role as a member of the board and CEO, running the day-to-day operations of the company and executing the company’s long-term strategic plan.

Regarding the appointment, Ms. Daniels stated, “I am excited that Dan has accepted this Board leadership role; he brings more than three decades of investment experience, along with an unwavering commitment to corporate governance, compliance, and his responsibilities as a fiduciary. Dan’s experience and relationships within the financial services industry are very beneficial to Arria as this sector is one of the hottest market growth opportunities for Arria’s NLG technology.”

Along with Ms. Daniels and other Arria NLG founders, Mr. Kiley is a co-founder of Diligent, Inc., the premier global board portal software company that listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 2007 at a $100 million valuation. His knowledge, experience, Harvard education and leadership skills will be key to Arria’s future success and growth as he works with the team to scale the firm.

Mr. Kiley stated, “I am excited to join Sharon Daniels and the Arria NLG team. Arria is delivering enhanced AI and NLG technology solutions to an expanding roster of global business partners and customers. Arria NLG gives data a voice, humanizing and dramatically simplifying data communication and understanding at all levels.”

As the founder in 1988 of the Retirement Corporation of America (RCA), a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Mr. Kiley was one of the first Registered Investment Advisors to introduce an online investment platform, now known as “Robo Advisor.” As Chairman and CEO of RCA, he led and shaped the advisory firm through the complex and ever evolving Fin-Tech and SEC requirements, to become one of the most technologically advanced money management firms in the USA, culminating in the acquisition of RCA, in 2017, by one on the nation’s leading banking entities—Fifth Third Bank.

Over the past 30 years, Mr Kiley has contributed to a number of advisory boards with industry leading corporations including: Diligent, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade. We welcome Daniel C. Kiley to our board and Arria NLG team during this exciting and expansive time as Arria continues to grow its global client and partner base.