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Arria featured in AnalyticsWeek article reporting on how NLG is decidedly horizontal

By Arria NLG Team | May 2, 2020

AnalyticsWeek published an article titled, “Natural Language Generation Tackles Journalism.”

The article states: The underlying utility of Natural Language Generation (NLG) is decidedly horizontal. This manifestation of statistical Artificial Intelligence produces summaries of data’s meaning, delivering insights via linguistic capabilities that are easy to understand.

Consequently, NLG is widely deployed alongside Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to offer verbal narrations of the significance of the data analyzed. Significantly, credible NLG solutions analyze the same data popular BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik and others use for dashboards and data visualizations.

Nonetheless, NLG’s core value proposition is analyzing and providing verbal synopses of any sort of data. Lately, NLG has proved influential in automating various aspects of journalism by issuing news stories from massive quantities of data about current events.

French AI provider has partnered with Arria NLG for just such an undertaking, and has succeeded in generating hundreds of thousands of news stories leveraging NLG.

NLG excels in creating journalistic content from structured data—such as statistical information. Good examples of the types of numbers NLG creates reports from include election results, scores of sporting events, stock market fluctuations, and quarterly earnings. NLG was the guiding technology assisting the DataEcriture unit (a subset of in churning out well over a 100,000 articles for journalism purposes.