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Arria featured as a Premier Partner at UiPath Forward III Conference

By Arria NLG Team | September 19, 2019

Arria will join global partners and clients at the upcoming UiPath Forward III Conference set for October 15-16 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

As announced this past June, Arria and UiPath, the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider, have partnered to leverage the synergies between their complementary technologies. Combining UiPath’s “Automation First” with Arria’s “Power of Language” delivers an advanced level of intelligent digital transformation that is currently unequalled.

Arria and UiPath are often called upon by the same industries and use-cases to address automation requirements, but in different ways.

An RPA+NLG Example

Financial services companies need to make regular profit and loss updates, but the process is manual and slow.

Involving more than a dozen compiled spreadsheets, these profit and loss reports contain data that requires reformatting, compiling, and reviewing. Employees manually import the data, manipulate it, verify it, and then submit the data for further analysis and discussion. The process is laborious and time-consuming, and worse, manual composition across different reports tends to introduce errors.

Instead, employees can offload repetitive, monotonous tasks to RPA robots to complete. The robots automatically collect and organize the data into a structured data set—automatically performing these tasks faster and with fewer errors than the employees ever could.

Once the data is structured, it can then be imported into a business intelligence (BI) dashboard and made available for analysis. This is where Arria steps in. Arria’s NLG technologies create the expert narratives that explain the data and/or visuals in natural language, leading enterprise clients to faster, better informed decision-making—in near real-time!

Then RPA is brought back in, and the reports can be automatically delivered via email, Powerpoint, Word, PDF—whatever, whenever, wherever!

UiPath and Arria—Synergistic Partners

Forward-thinking leaders, who are prone to buying the technology of either Arria or UiPath, are also predisposed to buy from the other. Both companies see the partnership as key to their “land-and-expand” sales strategy across standard business processes within existing mutual clients, and as an opportunity to help capture entirely new business.

The Forward III Conference

Billed as the largest gathering of RPA practitioners and experts in history, UiPath’s Forward III conference will feature over 3000 attendees—including RPA visionaries, innovators, and evangelists who will be sharing insights, making connections, and gaining the inspiration to reinvent how business gets done.

UiPath’s positioning of Arria as a premier partner at such a strategically important event, and the positioning of Arria’s NLG technologies as necessary to get the most out of RPA, represents fantastic opportunities for our near-term and long-term sales success, and for reinforcing Gartner’s conclusion that “Arria is a world leader in NLG.”