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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your MicroStrategy Dossier

By Amy McCloskey Tobin | November 10, 2021
Blog Image - 16 Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your MicroStrategy Dossier

How would your ability to make business decisions change if you could gain a greater understanding of your data from your BI dossier? How would it impact your business if you could understand your data more deeply and more quickly?

Dossiers provide great visuals, yet in the tech-forward world we inhabit, users expect more information and deeper insights, faster. And that’s exactly what Arria NLG and augmented analytics do. Natural Language Generation (NLG) generates data insights in language, quickly explaining the data in a way dossier users can easily understand. If there is an outlier, AI, using NLG can tell you why in plain language. If a sector of your business overperforms, NLG can explain, in easy-to-understand language, why.

NLG tells us what happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

When Arria is integrated with your BI dossier, you go from seeing to understanding. NLG means that there is no need to interpret the visuals, the visuals take the supporting role; the text explains the data to you. You can actually have a conversation with your data, asking it questions and receiving a text answer back, in real time.

NLG Brings Data Literacy

The reality is that understanding your MicroStrategy dossier is a skill that requires experience to gain. NLG allows a new employee to have the same access to data, and even more importantly, to data understanding, as experienced managers have. Democratizing expert data removes the barrier for interaction with your data, making your organization more efficient and your people more empowered with the information they need to make the right decisions.

Raising the Quality of Your Narratives

Analysts may be adept at understanding data, but they are not necessarily able to write about it in a way that transmits the correct information to a broader audience. NLG writes your data’s story, giving your dossier context and more meaning, and tells your story in a consistent, voice that is in line with your company persona.

Accelerating Reporting

Imagine the impact on your business if you could receive Sales Performance, Expense, and even Revenue reports in minutes instead of hours. How would it impact tracking your KPIs and tracking business outcomes if you could get this information that quickly? It would also mean that you no longer need to write manual reports; NLG adds dynamically generated narratives to your reporting.

Learning More About Your MicroStrategy Dossier and NLG

If having insights in language  you can quickly understand around Sales Performance, Expense, and Revenue generated in seconds instead of hours would help your dossier users take action, Arria can help. If having instant insights at your fingertips will allow you to keep your KPIs and business outcomes on track, we can help.

Join a panel of experts from  MicroStrategy and Arria NLG on November 16th for a powerful session on Intelligent Narratives for Digital Finance.

What you can expect to learn at this event:

  • The vision for innovative dossiers with automated narrative insights covering Sales Performance, Expenses, and Revenue
  • How to leverage the Intelligent Narrative (IN) Apps integration to enable access to complex data on the go
  • Why Intelligent Narrative (IN) Apps will transform the way in which you drill down, ask, understand, and action your data
  • How instant, accurate, automated financial narrative insights are is generated through trusted analysis

Who should attend:

  • CFOs, CDOs, and CXOs
  • VPs, Directors of Finance
  • Senior Data Analysts and Data Architects
  • AI and Machine Learning Engineers

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