Arria’s developer partnership program empowers and supports the global developer community as they bring the Power of Language to their client’s tech stack

Arria has global enterprise and regional developer partnerships with a powerful group that includes many of the most influential consulting firms in the world. Arria’s Partner Program recognizes that it is these firms that built and maintain the primary client consulting relationships with global enterprises and it they who will build Arria’ NLG capabilities into each client’s tech stack. Arria’s Partner Program provides its developer partners and clients with access to its:

  • Online partner portal
  • Online store
  • Global training and enablement programs
  • Go-to-market strategy and planning guide
  • Marketing and sales tools
  • Services methodology guide
  • Advisory group council
  • Shared best practices

Arria’s partner program recognizes that to fulfill its vision of ARRIA NLG EVERYWHERE, scale and exponential growth is only made possible by making Arria’s NLG development tools and cloud-based services available via the global developer community. Arria licenses ARRIA STUDIO to its developer partners. STUDIO provides developers with the ability to embed NLG capabilities into their client’s technology stack. This enables Arria’s developer partners build NLG applications that automatically generate both simple and complex narratives from their client’s data.

IBM Cloud
Microsoft Power BI

If you are interested in joining the Arria Partner Network please email [email protected]