IBM Predictive Market Stress Tester built with Arria’s Narrative APIs

Arria’s Narrative APIs allow developers to immediately add the power of language to applications, dashboards, and websites


The IBM Predictive Market Stress Tester featured above provides a potent vision of the future. It was conceived, designed and built by IBM for their existing client base. IBM worked with Arria to add the power of NLG as a further power AI differentiator. Arria provided the NLG capability via a narrative API. The IBM Predictive Market Stress Tester Starter Pack sits on IBM Cloud in the Financial Tools Section. The application utilizes 4 AI services which allow the user to generate a correlated market stress test and analyze the impact of a market event against an investment portfolio. The 4 AI Services (which include advanced AI analytics from IBM Watson) are:

  1. Investment Portfolio
  2. Simulated Instrument Analytics
  3. Predictive Market Scenarios
  4. Arria Natural Language Generation

As can be seen above, were it not for the power of NLG, the output of the most advanced AI analytics would have been reduced to mere visualizations. The addition of Arria NLG transformed the output of the analytics from visualizations requiring further analysis and expert explanation to rich narratives that explained and gave meaning to the data and the visualizations—all without human-authoring or intervention.

The IBM Predictive Market Stress Tester Starter Pack enables developers to quickly integrate the power of the 4 AI services with their client’s data and systems.

With Arria’s Narrative APIs, you get a pre-written configurable NLG report for a particular domain. The narrative service takes in data, works out what matters and automatically returns a natural language narrative that is ready to go, onto your website, into your dashboard, wherever. The narrative services provide users with an instantly updatable report, in seconds.