The Arria NLG SDK provides developers with the same NLG toolset our scientists use to develop the most powerful NLG applications in the world

Arria’s NLG Software Development Toolkit (SDK) provides access to all of the power that Arria uses when embedding NLG into existing enterprise- level applications. Professional developers get access to all of the components that make up the Arria NLG Engine. This provides the ability to control and configure every aspect of the system, and build (and embed) NLG solutions directly into projects.

Arria has the most sophisticated NLG tools on the market today. Applications can be built using the ARRIA SDK that are totally customizable and able to produce insights that include the how, why, and what’s next—not just the “what”. Arria’s technology also allows you to produce NLG that handles outputs that are not just predictable—but highly unpredictable. While the subject matter expertise (SME) knowledge base must first be captured in our software using the Arria SDK, once captured, the NLG application built using the SDK can handle a volume and variety of output that templates can’t touch.