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Arria’s culture is steeped in advanced education which drives our dedication to training that empowers our clients to easily and enjoyably add the power of language to their tech stack

While Arria strives to create the most intuitive platform for generating quality NLG, we understand the importance training and enablement has on customer success.  To support you, we have developed the following self-service training options.


The documentation for Arria NLG Studio can be accessed simply by clicking on the ? found in the upper right-hand corner of the application. Click here to visit the STUDIO documentation library.


As part of the documentation we provide comprehensive tutorials covering:

Table Based NLG Project Tutorials

  • Each row of data creates a single narrative
  • Each table creates a single narrative
  • Each row of data creates a single narrative in context to the other rows.
  • You will have the ability to compare values across rows and columns

JSON Based NLG Project Tutorial

  • Working with JSON data
  • Implementing Lex rules

Arria’s comprehensive documentation also covers key concepts, working with lex rules, the NLG Studio user interface, Articulate Text Language (ATL) Reference and Data Access Mechanisms.


Arria also provides a rich video library of video content designed to drive customer knowledge and success.  Our initial focus is to share Arria’s NLG Design Methodology through a series of short videos created by Professor Ehud Reiter. These videos can be found here >


Beginning January 15th Arria’s weekly webinars focused on customer adoption and success commence.  Every Tuesday at 10 AM we host “Arria NLG Studio – Getting Started” webinars.  We will also be introducing an “NLG Science and Engineering” webinar series lead by Arria’s Chief Scientists and Development leads.

NLG Science and Engineering Topics

  • What is NLG?
  • The NLG Development Process
  • The Data Side of NLG
  • The Language Side of NLG
  • Lex Rules – The big differentiator
  • ATL and Lex Rules – Empowering developers

Arria is in the process of completing an Accreditation Program.  The Academy will teach customers and partners the fundamentals of NLG as well as design, implementation and testing strategies for deploying NLG solutions.  Within the Academy students will have the opportunity to explore Lex Rules and build solutions which will empower humanity with high quality NLG solutions.

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