NLG for Your Business Needs

From Client Reporting to Risk Analysis- discover what NLG can do for your business. Arria gives you control over your data’s story. Find your specific business need in list below and start narrating, today!

NLG for Business Intelligence

Add natural language (NLG) narratives beside your BI visuals to instantly enhance the analysis of the entire dashboard. 

“By 2020, natural-language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90%of modern business intelligence (BI) dashboards” —Gartner


NLG for Financial Reporting

Shape the future of investment reporting by generating rich and insightful data driven narratives at scale, quality and consistency.

“Investment analysis is not just about the numbers, it’s about the story they tell. However, analyzing the data and distributing the information can be a tedious and resource-intensive task. Innovative Natural Language Generation, or NLG, can be used to tell the entire story of investment portfolios.” —Robert Hodgson, Arria    

NLG for Regulatory & Compliance

“As executives contemplate the areas they expect to have the most impact on business in the next five years, the changing regulatory environment and the emergence of new businesses or delivery models are both top of mind” —Report by Deloitte & Forbes Insights

NLG for Client Reporting

Improve relationships for all of your client portfolios with the integration of Arria NLG.

“We foresee increasing adoption of Natural Language Generation (NLG) by firms to tackle one of the last bastions of manual processing. Not only is automated commentary cheaper than outsourcing the writing process, it also provides greater scalability.” —Alison J. Stewart, FactSet


The ability to narrate in human language, both written and audio, the summary of what the sensor data is saying in a connected device.

Natural language generation (NLG) platforms automate the analysis of data and then communicate key insights in real time, stimulating the way one communicates with another via natural language.


NLG for Enterprise Reporting

Management needs to fully comprehend the reasons behind the numbers in their key business metrics, including growth and retention, to optimize business operations.

NLG Studio is already being used to create and maintain reports across multiple use cases including enterprise financial reporting, pharmacovigilance, weather, investment portfolio performance, and compliance reporting. The possibilities for use are unlimited.

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