A simpler, faster way to interpret your Power BI dashboard

Arria’s add-in generates text based on the data from your Power BI dashboard. Try it today— it’s easy and free.

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Narrate any Power BI dashboard

Add descriptive narratives to your Power BI dashboards to make it easier to understand all the data being displayed. You get faster decision-making at a lower cost—with more information and more intelligence. Arria Studio for BI offers “Out of the Box” functionality, and gives you the power to instantly discover critical insights hidden within your entire Power BI dashboard. With Arria NLG Studio you have the flexibility and control to customize or even create your own narratives! Your data. Your story.

Before: Visuals Only

All of your data is displayed in the form of charts, graphs, and other visuals. But, you still have to interpret what it all means—which takes time and is often inconsistent and/or incomplete.

After: Visuals + NLG Driven Narratives

Arria’s add-in generates a descriptive narrative based on your dashboard’s underlying data, providing an expert overview for faster comprehension and better decision-making.

Get started in two easy steps :


Download the Showcase

Click the button below to access the download for our free Showcase Project for Power BI. This will download a PBIX file to your local machine.


Open it within Power BI

Opening the Showcase Project within Power BI automatically installs Arria's add-in, and gives you access to our interactive Showcase demo.

Download Showcase Project
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