Whether the network you are operating delivers power, telecoms, water, or some other utility, the problems and challenges you face are similar. You need to provide constant monitoring and reporting.

The personnel in your control center need to diagnose issues and write everything from work orders to press releases on outages. Your customer relations department needs to communicate in a timely and appropriate fashion with your end users.

Arria’s NLG Platform can be configured to act as a virtual engineer, analyst or operator in a variety of Utility use cases. It can act as a virtual senior engineer in a control center, providing a 24/7 level of cover that never tires. It can provide personalized use reports for smart meter customers, tailored to a degree that is impossible using human labor.

From generation through to retail, from reservoir to tap, Arria NLG’s ability to act as a virtual expert reporting on the health of your network drives strong operation uptime improvements, improves customer satisfaction, and can mitigate risks related to lack of oversight.

Download the case study below to take a closer look at the NLG Platform application we built for one of our clients in Utilities.