All businesses have one thing in common. They generate numbers – lots of them. Arria NLG helps you see the story those numbers are telling, and helps you make better business decisions as a result.

Truly understand what’s driving your business with the Arria NLG Platform. Dashboards, charts and spreadsheets can only go so far to give you an idea of the health of your business on any given day. The NLG Platform goes one step further by explaining ALL those dashboards, charts and spreadsheets in a written report to explain the true state of play exactly like a human.

Reports are automatically tailored for different departments and territories based on the level of insight or knowledge level required by those stakeholders.

We integrate with any existing management software or data base/s to provide seamless NLG reporting. It’s the only report you’ll need to read to get the full picture.

Download the case study below to take a closer look at the NLG Platform we built for one of our clients: