There’s an abundance of software available that is designed to help brands and agencies analyze and manage their online campaigns. Digital media analytics is an easy fit for charts and dashboards.

But you still need someone to interpret those graphical displays. You can afford to have your brand managers and campaign analysts pull out the insights and write detailed reports for your premiere clients, but it has always been uneconomic to offer that service across the board. Or it was, until now.

Arria’s NLG Platform can be configured to complement existing dashboards and charting tools, generating insightful written reports in seconds and at huge volume. These reports read as if written by a top brand manager or campaign analyst. Reports can be produced at scale automatically on a schedule, or generated on-demand to give your clients an up-to-the-minute view.

Get true real-time insights communicated in understandable language: explanations, not just data points; recommendations, not just observations.

Read the case study below to get a closer look at the NLG Platform application we built for a major digital media agency.