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Arria NLG Studio for PowerBI

PowerBI has partnered with Arria to bring together the power of natural language generation (NLG) and self-service visual analytics. Attend to see how organizations are applying Natural Language Generation in their PowerBI dashboards and reports to generate actionable business insights and make data-driven decisions.

Key topics:

  • How Natural Language Generation is enhancing decision making
  • Types of PowerBI dashboards and Use Cases where NLG is being applied
  • How to get started and use Arria’s NLG into your dashboards and Reports

Introduction to Arria NLG Studio

Natural Language Generation is changing the way in which we communicate and discover actionable insights within data. Attend to learn how organizations are using Arria’s NLG Studio to build their own Natural Language Generation applications.

Key topics:

  • How Arria NLG Studio is empowering users to build self-service NLG Applications
  • Core functionality and capabilities of Arria NLG Studio
  • Accelerating the build of your NLG Application using Arria’s NLG Tutorials and NLG Samples
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