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Faster Decision-Making in FP&A with NLG

Add automated report-writing to your current financial reporting and analysis systems. Financial reports that typically take hours, days or weeks to produce can now be produced in seconds. Arria’s NLG technology instantly turns mountains of data into real-time, actionable written narratives. This leads to faster conclusions and dramatically reduces the amount of time spent writing critical financial reports.

The ability to access key information in near real-time, communicated as if written by your company’s top analyst—at an NLG writing-speed—is truly astonishing. Arria is currently automating Sales, Expense, Product, P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Reports for Fortune 500 companies globally. Some of our customers and partners include Ernst Young (EY), Eagle Investments BNY Mellon, Deloitte and Genpact.

Introduction to Arria NLG Studio

Natural Language Generation is changing the way in which we communicate and discover actionable insights within data. Attend to learn how organizations are using Arria’s NLG Studio to build their own Natural Language Generation applications.

Key topics:

  • How Arria NLG Studio is empowering users to build self-service NLG Applications
  • Core functionality and capabilities of Arria NLG Studio
  • Accelerating the build of your NLG Application using Arria’s NLG Tutorials and NLG Samples

Creating automation workflows with RPA+NLG

Learn how Arria’s extension for UiPath Studio leverages NLG within RPA to maximize automation workflows.

UiPath, the leader in Robotic Process Automation, has recently partnered with Arria to bring you automated human actions and automated human knowledge in a single platform. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of RPA and how it integrates with NLG, along with exploring a handful of real-world use cases.