Build and Configure NLG Applications

Arria NLG Tools provides our NLG capabilities through two different self-service NLG software development toolkits (SDKs), each targeting the specific needs of distinct user groups:

  • For enterprise developers, Articulator Pro is a sophisticated NLG toolkit that allows you to build complex platform applications.
  • For everyday users, Articulator Lite is a simple NLG toolkit that helps you to quickly build lightweight applications.
NLG Cloud - Software Development Toolkits - Articulator Lite and Articulator Pro

Articulator Pro - All the Power of Our Platform

Available now, Articulator Pro is a toolkit for professional analysts and software developers to build their own NLG applications in-house using the full power of the Arria NLG Platform. The toolkit gives you access to our mature and patented NLG components that we use when creating applications for our enterprise clients.

Articulator Pro provides APIs and tools that support the construction of sophisticated NLG applications, as well as online training and support materials so you can get up and running fast. Based on 30 years of research and development, Articulator Pro ensures you’ll have all of the features you could ever need to build an application that produces fluent natural language.

Take Control

Articulator Pro has been designed to provide enterprises with absolute control of what their NLG solution does and how it does it. From fine-grained, customized NLG integration to large-scale data-processing and BI, Articulator Pro offers enterprises the best blend of customization, scale, training and support.

If you’re looking to build NLG functionality into your business, we’d love to hear from you. Request a demo below by filling out the form to tell us how you'd like to use Articulator Pro, and we'll get back in touch.

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Articulator Lite

A-Lite is a web-based NLG toolkit that allows users who might not be specialist developers to build their own NLG applications using many of the key functionalities of Arria’s rich technology suite. A-Lite is a pick-up-and-play web-tool so you can become a data wordsmith and be building your own applications within hours. We provide an easy-to-use interface for you to design, build and test your application, as well as a one-click deployment mechanism to get your app into the cloud for others to use.

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