Stock Information

Country of Incorporation and Main Country of Operations

The Company is registered in England and Wales. Its principal place of business is: Space One, 1 Beadon Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0EA. Its main country of operation is the United Kingdom.

Details of any other exchanges or trading platforms
The Company’s securities are not listed on any other exchanges.

Number of Ordinary Shares in issue: 123,680,610

Number of Warrants in issue: 10,085,533

Arria NLG plc has no shares held in treasury

The Company is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, as published by the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers and updated from time to time.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s securities.

1. Major Shareholders

Shareholder Name Ordinary Shares % of Enlarged
share capital
Lanstead Capital L.P. 16,001,252 12.94%
Gerald Henry 6,704,722 5.42% 796,250
Brian Henry* 5,462,192 4.42% 78,125
Ehud Reiter 5,328,062 4.31%
Somayajulu Sripada 5,068,062 4.31%
Ian Davy 4,892,062 3.96%
Robert Craig and Arlene Craig 5,072,223 4.10%
The University Court of the University of Aberdeen 4,864,753 3.93%
Christopher Hardy** 4,210,703 3.40% 150,000

*These shares are registered in the name of Kiri Borg and jointly in the names of Brian Henry and his wife, Kiri Borg.
**These shares are registered in the name of Christopher Hardy, the De Latour Trust (of which Christopher Hardy is a trustee), Christopher Hardy and James Hardy (jointly) and Debbie Hardy (wife of Christopher Hardy).


2. Fully Diluted Share Capital

Arria NLG plc securities Nominal value Note value Number of Ordinary Shares
Ordinary shares of 0.1p each (“Ordinary Shares”) currently in issue £123,680.61  — 123,680,610
Warrants over new Ordinary Shares £10,085.53 10,085,5332
B Warrants over new Ordinary Shares £16,670.29  — 16,670,2882
C Warrants over new Ordinary Shares £2,092.08  — 2,092,0752
New Ordinary Shares that would result from conversion of loan note principal  — £7,143,000 17,857,5001
Employee share options over new Ordinary Shares £6,750.72  — 6,750,7233

(1) Assumes all loan notes are fully converted into new Ordinary Shares
(2) Assumes all warrants are fully converted into new Ordinary Shares
(3) Assumes all share options are fully converted into new Ordinary Shares

Latest news

26 July 2017 – Investor Information

Company Update July 2017

Update On Capital Raise & Listing and Business Strategy

As previously announced, in advance of the proposed NZX Listing, Arria NLG appointed Rainmaker Securities, a Chicago-based registered broker-dealer that specializes in sourcing capital for growth issuers, particularly in the technology sector, to assist in a US private offering to accredited investors as part of a subscription offer of NZ $25 million.

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23 January 2017 – Investor Information

FAQs Transition from AIM to NZX / ASX

Q: Why is Arria cancelling the quotation of its ordinary shares and quoted warrant on AIM?

A: Arria’s Board believes its listing on the NZX and ASX stock exchanges will offer the market
support needed to realize the full value of Arria’s stock.

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