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Sharon Daniels featured in The New York Times

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This interview with Sharon Daniels, chairwoman and interim C.E.O. of Arria NLG, a data collection and analysis firm, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.

Q. What were your early years like?

A. I grew up in Ringwood, N.J. I grew up with an older sister and a younger brother, and my mom is one of nine. She’s the oldest, and she had eight brothers. She got married at 18, so we had a very young mom, and all these uncles lived around the corner. So that really set the pace of how I grew up.

Read the article:
13 January 2017 – New York Times Corner Office Featuring Sharon Daniels



UK Product Launch of Recount – Live

Read the announcement:
19 December 2016 – Product Launch – Recount



Arria NLG Launches Recount Beta:

Your Virtual Financial Analyst

Read the announcement:
31 August 2016 – Product Launch – Recount



Interim Results

Read the announcement:
15 June 2016 – Interim Results



Partnership Agreement with INOVX

Read the announcement:
21 March 2016 – Partnership Agreement with INOVX


Grant of 7th Patent

Read the Announcement:
25 February 2016 – Grant of 7th patent



Grant of 6th Patent

Read the Announcement:
3 February 2016 – Grant of 6th US Patent



Revenue Plans and Prospects



Grant of 5th US Patent

Read the Announcement:
11 January 2016 – Grant of 5th US Patent



A strong start to 2016

Read the Announcement:
04 January 2016 – Framework Agreement, Major US Utility Company
22 December 2015 – Genpact Framework Agreement



Financial results for the year ended:
30 September 2015

Read the Announcement:
11 December 2015 – Financial Results for the year ended 30 September 2015



The appointment of Sharon Daniels to and expansion plans for 2016

Read the Announcement:
14 September 2015 – Board Appointment



Arria NLG: Background, principles and
benefits of NLG

Latest news

26 July 2017 – Investor Information

Company Update July 2017

Update On Capital Raise & Listing and Business Strategy

As previously announced, in advance of the proposed NZX Listing, Arria NLG appointed Rainmaker Securities, a Chicago-based registered broker-dealer that specializes in sourcing capital for growth issuers, particularly in the technology sector, to assist in a US private offering to accredited investors as part of a subscription offer of NZ $25 million.

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23 January 2017 – Investor Information

FAQs Transition from AIM to NZX / ASX

Q: Why is Arria cancelling the quotation of its ordinary shares and quoted warrant on AIM?

A: Arria’s Board believes its listing on the NZX and ASX stock exchanges will offer the market
support needed to realize the full value of Arria’s stock.

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