Yaji Sripada

Dr. Sripada joined the Aberdeen NLG Group in the year 2000. In 2004, his team created the NLG texts that were for the first time rated by users as better than human-authored texts

Dr. Sripada is responsible for engineering and software applications and supervision of specific NLG projects. Dr. Sripada is a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen and a founder and director of Data2Text Limited, the Scottish company founded by Dr. Sripada and colleagues and spun out from the University of Aberdeen in 2009. Data2Text was acquired by Arria in 2013. Both the University of Aberdeen and Dr. Sripada remain significant founding shareholders in Arria.


Dr. Sripada is widely published on the subject of NLG and his papers are frequently cited. He is recognized globally as a leading NLG expert.  Dr. Sripada is particularly interested in integrating NLG to adjacent technologies such as data analytics and information visualization.


Together with Prof. Reiter, Dr. Sripada has played a key role in the leadership of our core technology group. The importance of this cannot be overstated when it is considered that a little more than 5-years ago, it was only our NLG scientists and their immediate team who could write the code for a complex NLG application. They were the part of a minuscule group of people in the world who could do so. All code was custom written. Over the past 5-years they have led the Arria Core Tech team through the process of downloading their own powers and skills and capturing their knowledge in software called ARRIA STUDIO, ARRIA NLG SDK and the ARRIA NLG ENGINE.


With these transformational technologies, our core tech team has not only accomplished what some thought to be impossible—giving the machine the power of language — they have also created the ability for millions of people (developers and non-developers alike) to themselves add the power of language to the Datasphere.


It is through Dr. Sripada and our core development team and their creation of STUDIO, the SDK and the ARRIA NLG ENGINE that we see the pathway to fulfilling our vision of: ARRIA NLG EVERYWHERE

Dr. Sripada received his PhD degree from the India Institute of Technology at Chennai in 1998.


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