The Arria NLG Platform features a RESTful API architecture allowing seamless integration and enables multiple deployment options

Arria’s flexible RESTful API architecture allows seamless integration with a variety of systems that use various data formats. Call Arria services from any system without installing additional software, with any data format (via conversion to JSON). The transactions are encrypted via TLS, and are stateless—so no potentially sensitive data is persisted. Each request is processed based on a set of predefined rules, and the generated narrative is then returned as a response to the client. This provides for seamless integration into any deployment model, and maximizes and leverages existing security models. The Arria NLG Platform provides a RESTful API at both the ingestion and presentation for complete flexibility.


The reporting of data insights in true natural language (called storytelling when performed by a human presenter) requires two technology groupings to operate in concert that can be thought of as performing the functions of the Expert Subject Matter Analyst on one side and the Presentation and Narration Expert on the other.  The Arria NLG Platform is the world’s most advanced combination of these two groupings:

This function requires the ingestion of data and the analysis, interpretation and extraction of insight from that data.

Data Ingestion: The Arria NLG Platform ingests data from multiple, complex data streams.

Articulate Analysis: The Arria NLG Platform analyzes the data using advanced language-based AI analytics we call Articulate Analytics. The Articulate Analytics that are native to the Arria NLG Platform are comprehensive and are powerful enough to perform all the basic analytics required to derive insights from complex data sources. It should be noted that because its native analytics are language-based, the Platform can automatically express its analysis as true natural language narratives. It can also express its output as traditional tabulated reports and visualizations and any combination of them all.

It should be noted that the Platform can also ingest and generate true NLG narratives not only from complex raw streams but also from streams of data insights that have already been extracted from client data using their existing advanced AI applications.

This function requires the both the arrangement of the insights into reports and also the delivery of the reports in a voice and via delivery methods that are appropriate to the audience reading the reports.

Natural Language Generation: Advanced natural language capabilities must be used to automatically communicate insights derived from data in such a way that humans will accept the machine generated output. The Arria NLG Platform automatically generates either reports, explanations or summaries (“narratives”) about the insights using truly natural language.

Narrative Output: The Arria NLG Platform delivers the true NLG outputs to documents, applications and dashboards, 24/7/365, with each narrative written in a voice appropriate to the recipient.