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Financial Advisor: BNY Mellon partners with Arria NLG to infuse its platforms with AI

By Arria NLG Team | May 11, 2020

Financial Advisor published an article titled, “BNY Mellon Partners With Arria NLG To Infuse Its Platforms With AI.”

The article states: New York-based BNY Mellon has struck a deal to infuse natural language generation (NLG) technology to serve asset managers and asset owners. The financial services giant announced a partnership with Arria NLG and that it has already integrated the technology into its Eagle Performance and Data Management solutions suite.

NLG is a form of artificial intelligence that can extract information from various complex and disparate data sources and communicate them in “natural language” — as if it was being spoken or written down. Arria NLG offers an API allowing it to be easily integrated into BNY Mellon’s various platforms, as well as any digital voice platform.

BNY Mellon claims that the partnership will allow it to blend artificial intelligence, data and modern technology to create better user experiences for financial services professionals, asset managers and the end investor by offering accelerated data analysis and insight.

In a demonstration of the technology, BNY Mellon showed how in-depth reports on any portfolio or individual investment can be generated at the click of a button, including full investment commentary over customizable time periods and ESG scoring. As a result, any available subjective information on an investment can be delivered by one person in an average of four seconds.