The Technology

Our sophisticated natural language processing system features two major components corresponding to the two skill sets possessed by an expert who is both an analyst and a communicator.

Analysis & Interpretation

This stage takes the various sources of data that need to be explained and extracts and deduces from this data important facts and insights that should be communicated. The results of this process are informational units we call messages.

Information Communication

The second stage of processing takes the messages delivered by the analytics and works out how to communicate the information they contain in an articulate and coherent manner using plain language and, where appropriate, graphical representations of the data with automatically generated annotations. Voice output can also be produced. The architecture of the Arria NLG Platform is like a pyramid:


The base of the pyramid is the core natural language generation engine, which is the foundation of all our applications. This is where the bulk of the code lives, making for easy maintenance and upgrade. Next are the configuration rules that capture the knowledge and expertise required in a specific domain or industry. Finally, at the top of the pyramid we use a knowledge-capture process to develop rules that embody your business logic and the ways in which language is used in your organization.

Three Ways We Help Your Data Tell Its Story