We’re really proud of our intellectual property portfolio and we like to stand out from the crowd.

As a commitment to driving innovation through our development work, we launched our patent program to protect our work and show our clients what is special about Arria NLG. We currently have 11 US Patents and many more applications pending. Follow the links below for more detail on each.


1) Method and Apparatus for
Referring Expression Generation

US Patent 9,355,093 Issued May 31, 2016.

2) Method and Apparatus for
Updating a Previously Generated Text

US Patent 9,336,193 Issued May 16, 2016.

3) Method and Apparatus for
Situational Analysis Text Generation – Continuation

US Patent 9,323,743 issued April 26, 2016.

4) Method and Apparatus for
Interactive Reports

US Patent 9,244,894 issued January 26, 2016.

5) Method and Apparatus for
Configurable Microplanning

US Patent 9,135,244 issued September 15, 2015.

6) Method and Apparatus for
Situational Analysis Text Generation

US Patent 8,762,134 issued June 24, 2014.

7) Method and Apparatus for
Alert Validation

US Patent 8,762,133 issued June 24, 2014.

8) Method, Apparatus, and Computer
Program Product for User-Directed Reporting

US Patent 9,396,181 issued July 19, 2016.

9) Method and Apparatus for
Annotating a Graphical Output

US Patent 9,405,448 issued August 2, 2016.

10) Method And Apparatus For
Aggregating With Information Generalization

US Patent 9,600,471 issued March 21 2017

11) Method and Apparatus for
Alert Validation – Continuation

US Patent 9,640,045 issued May 2, 2017.