From Aberdeen’s ancient school of learning has arisen Natural Language Generation (NLG)—one of the most advanced computing technologies ever developed

The scientific foundation for the Arria NLG Engine is based on more than 20 years of research and knowledge gained by the Data2Text founders at the University of Aberdeen. In 2009, the University of Aberdeen, Prof. Ehud Reiter, Dr. Yaji Shripada, Ian Davy and John Perry formed Data2Text Limited to develop and commercialise various NLG technologies.

Since 2009, the Data2Text science and technology team has continued to develop the commercial potential of its NLG software technologies culminating in the Arria NLG Engine. Arria has been working with Data2Text since May 2012 when it acquired a 20 per cent. interest in Data2Text. On 25 October 2013 Arria acquired the remaining 80 per cent. of Data2Text.

The University of Aberdeen was founded in 1495 by Bishop Elphinstone and is amongst the oldest extant universities in the world.

Bishop Elphinstone was well-travelled and fascinated by learning and the great written works of ancient Greece and Rome. At the same time as his stonemasons were laying the foundations of his new seat of learning, his own collection of early manuscripts became the foundation of what would become an extraordinary, and evolving, representation of the known world through the developing media of the written word and visual image. The University’s expanding collection recorded the evolution of written language.

The University considers the emergence of the revolutionary Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology from its computer science labs as a logical next chapter in a wonderful story observed, recorded and celebrated by the University of Aberdeen since 1495.


The Library’s collection records the journey of the written word moving from ancient Egyptians telling stories on papyri, to monks patiently at work illustrating texts, to the printing of books for the furthering of human knowledge and delight and now, to the generation of letters on computer screens opening up whole new worlds where the possibilities are endless...